Turismo rural Cantabria

San Vicente de la Barquera,Cantabria


"The northern star"

CantabriaCantabria is one of the smallest autonomous regions in Spain. It is located in the centre of the Bay of Biscay, in Northern Spain. North: N: 42, 46´/43, 31´; West: 3,9´/4,52´.

The region has a total area of 5,300 Km2 and a perimeter of 600 kilometres, out of which 200 are coastal ones. It has a population of nearly 530,000 inhabitants, who live mainly in the axis Santander-Torrelavega (more than 60% of the population).

It borders the principality of Asturias to the West; the Bay of Biscay to the North; the province of Biscay to the East, and the provinces of Burgos, Palencia and León to the South.

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